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One Mission, Three Services

Market and Technology Intelligence

What technologies or markets matter most to your future growth?  What are your competitors' costs?  What are your future customers willing to pay?
25+ year

Human-Machine Tradecraft  

What are the most cost-effective and high-impact options to automate your toughest analysis problems?  How can human-SMEs, custom AI tools, Generative AI and proven data science skill-sets be integrated to reduce your time-to-profit cycles?  How might very small data, integrated with customized AI tools, generate new decision advantages?

10+ year Track

On-Site Analytical Support

Do you need programmatic support ranging from frequent interaction with Flag Officers and SES managers, to assistance with detailed budget documentation?  No task is too small for us to give our full attention.  We excel in bridging the gap from simple to complex operations.

22+ year

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